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The 3rd Circle of Trust retreat

Birthday party – our 104 and 80 year-olds

Marjorie Nicol turned 104 and Rosemary Bold was 80 so we held a party for them on 24th June.

The Rameas look after the gardens and mow the lawn.

Tangaroa displays some of the rubbish they removed recently

In Sydney, St Mary’s Cathedral facade was transformed as lights, sound and choirs portrayed the Christmas story to thousands each evening for a week during Advent.





At St Andrews, Laurie, Lisi, Patu and Pauline bring the Christmas story to life.

Church picnic – 17 February 2019 at Little Shoal Bay

– from 4pm onwards. Full tide 6pm. Friends and relatives came too. We canoed, swam, sat and talked, barbecued and shared food and drink. Some from Zion Hill and St Aidans joined us.

Carol singing to elderly members 19 December 2018

As we have done for over 40 years we carolled some of our older members at their homes. Marjorie Nicol (103) was first, surrounded by her family in her beautiful garden.

Mary Fish (100 this week; Ian’s Mum) and Joan Snellgrove (Pauline Fish’s Mum) were joined by other residents of Onewa Lodge.

Combined Service with Good Neighbour Church December 2018

Boaz preached the sermon in Korean and English

Grace Ko cut her birthday cake at lunch after the service