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Annual General Meeting 21 November 2021

The final AGMs of St Andrews and St Aidans and the first AGM of Onewa Christian Community will follow the Zoom service starting at 9.30am, led by newly appointed Dr Greg Morgan. Reports were circulated by email by Nan Inkson, OCC’s Council Clerk.

St Andrews and St Aidans Northcote are well on the way to becoming one parish. Both congregations have agreed to proceed, the name Onewa Christian Community has been chosen and a joint Church Council has been elected. The joint Ministry Settlement Board has met and made recommendations to the Church Council. See Nan’s letter below:


To all members of Onewa Christian Community

Dear friends,

Last Sunday you were able to read in the monthly Bulletin about the new team ministry plan for Onewa Christian Community, put forward by Ministry Settlement Board and agreed to by Onewa Christian Community Church Council.   The team ministry plan was also described during our zoom service.  It was noted that the proposed ministry plan was a ‘radically different approach to ministry, with the emphasis on building relationships in the community’ and ‘an exciting step forward for the church’.  A key member of the new ministry is the Director of Community Engagement.

At a special meeting of Onewa Christian Community Church Council this afternoon (Sunday 10th October) Council considered the strong recommendation from the Ministry Settlement Board that Dr Greg Morgan be appointed to the role of Director of Community Engagement as described in the team ministry plan.

Greg is known to many of us from his attendance at worship services and other church activities.  He has taken services and has participated in various meetings, sharing his knowledge, his experience and his wisdom.  He has a strong Christian faith and robust theology, and his CV shows leadership and wide experience in a variety of settings.  Greg was described by Ministry Settlement Board as ‘an exceptional candidate’.

At our meeting, Church Council unanimously agreed to appoint Greg Morgan to the role of Director of Community Engagement.

Church Council wanted to share this exciting news with you as soon as possible, hence this email message.  Please share it with others who might not use emails.

At our Café Church service next Sunday (October 17th) you will be asked if you endorse this appointment made by Church Council.  We hope that you will agree and welcome Greg enthusiastically to this important position in our Church Community.

Ministry Settlement Board is in the process of working to find the ordained Minister for the team ministry.

If you have questions about Greg or this position, please contact any members of Church Council or Ministry Settlement Board before next Sunday.

                                   Nan Inkson, Secretary

                    Onewa Christian Community Church Council 

                                    10th October 2021



Our beloved Marjorie Nicol died Sunday 7 February aged 104. Her funeral in a packed church was conducted by Rev Ron Lau’ese, who preached and sang. Marjorie’s oldest son John outlined her life and her two daughters Rosemary and Jenny and several grandchildren spoke. Marjorie moved to Birkenhead from Dargaville in 1976 after her darling husband Ian died. She worshipped at St Andrews until Christmas 2020.

We also farewelled Mary Hewetson née McNeilage, who died on January 2nd 2021 aged 93. Mary went to Sunday School at St Andrews and later worked in the city before marrying Sydney. They returned to St Andrews after Syd retired and he died a few years later. Mary was an active member who always took an interest in what was happening in our church.

SECOND CIRCLE OF TRUST RETREAT – was held on Hallowe’en at St Lukes Northcote. See Photos page for the third circle.




Archival items below the line

WORSHIPPING TOGETHER        February 2020 saw our joint services with St Aidans Northcote begin. We worship at St Andrews on 1st and 2nd Sundays and at St Aidans on 3rd and 4th Sundays. When there is a 5th Sunday we will also have Zion Hill Methodist congregation joining us, with venues to be advised.

MINISTRY SETTLEMENT     A joint St Aidans/St Andrews Ministry Settlement Board is working so the two parishes can share ministry and maximise use of ministry strengths. Costs are already being shared and negotiations are under way to see how closely we can work together into the future, presenting Christ’s way to Northcote and Birkenhead/Birkdale.

SCAM WARNING     There are currently fake emails in the name of Ministers and Parishes asking for money for individuals with cancer or similar health issues or needs. Do not send any money. These are scams.

We have been saddened to learn of the death of former Moderator of PCANZ, The Very Reverend Andrew Norton, who died on September 9th 2019. Several from St Andrews attended his funeral at St Columba, Botany. Andrew was for some years the minister at Glenfield Presbyterian Church before moving to Botany. As his wife Sue told it: “Our mighty Totora has fallen into the arms of the Great I Am. Our beloved Andrew, a former Senior Minister of nearly 20 years and a recent Moderator of the PCANZ, passed away at Totara Hospice, early yesterday evening.
Andrew was insistent that though he endured a long and painful illness he would proclaim, love wins!
Many knew him as a preacher, priest, prophet, photographer and poet, who embraced life, faith, family, friends and work with keen perception and vigorous passion.”

                                  Full AGM Reports 1_compressed

In July 2019 we sent Lisi Foulagi, Ngamata Ramea and Tangaroa off to Connect Youth Conference in Ohope with our blessing and a few goodies, winter woollies,and earplugs!   

(Robyn and Ian Bogue photographed the Presbyterian Church Centre and Camp at Ohope Sunday 14 July, before attending a recital by the Choir of Christ’s College, Cambridge, at Whakatane Anglican/Methodist Church.)

Joint Worship Service at Zion Hill

An inspirational service in a packed church was shared by many from St Aidans, Zion Hill Methodist and St Andrews on Sunday 31st March 2019, based on the love and forgiveness in Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15. The Samoan Ekelesia’s intergenerational singing was amazing, as was new Zion Hill Minister Rev Robyn Allen-Gouge’s song and harp playing. Rev Colin Gordon  and Rev Matt Chapman presented “My letter to the boy who ran”. (See SERMONS page) An enormous morning tea and lots of catch-up talk followed in the hall after the service.


Over 70 from St Aidans, St Andrews and St Lukes worshipped together on 30 December 2018

Gerald Sharrock of St Aidans led a very happy and thought-provoking service and talked about some of the Cs which shaped our thinking and traditions about Christmas, the birth of Jesus. These included the Council of Nicea, Constantine, the Concordat of Worms, Calvin, Dickens’ Christmas Carol, Queen Victoria’s Consort Prince Albert, Bing Crosby and Commercialism. Everyone enjoyed the singing of carols and hymns and the chance to talk with old friends, while so many other friends were away on holiday.


The 5 faces of mission today

Our Church nationally has adopted Five Faces of Mission. These are:

•    the preaching of the message of Jesus                        •   the nurturing of disciples                                                                             •    the loving service of people in need                            •     the involvement in society for its transformation                                       •     and in caring for creation.

Elders’ dinner and directions seminar 2018

St Andrews Elders met for dinner and discussion on a recent Sunday evening. Colin led the discussion as we reviewed progress with our 5-year Strategic Plan and thought about what works well and what else can be added to our parish life over the next little while. Thoughts and suggestions were written on big sheets for display on noticeboards and in the hall.


2018 AGM 26 August

The Annual General Meeting of the congregation was sandwiched between morning tea and lunch after the service. Colin ensured that everyone could see and hear one another, all reports were received and financial statements were adopted. The budget for the year to 30 June 2019 was adopted after brief discussion. The many good things we are doing were shared, as were ideas of how we might extend our mission to the community. David Hansen brought greetings from our friends at St Aidans Northcote.