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St Andrews Birkenhead is a congregation of people, grateful for God’s love for us all, who try to live their lives in the community by the standards and example of Jesus. He led and taught by example, loving and accepting everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexuality or social status. We believe God’s love is for everyone.


The mission of this church is to be a Christ-centred, community-embracing congregation of Birkenhead, Birkdale and Beachhaven.


Easter – the walk of the cross


Christmas – carol-singing for elderly friends

Children are valued and welcome in our worship services, and have an important part to play.

Their dedicated area near the front means they are a real part of every service with their own activities related to the sermon for adults.   Before the Benediction they share with everyone what they have done.


If you have photos, favourite Bible verses or thoughtful articles you would like put onto this website, email the webmaster at


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